BioHydrogen : our hydrogen has vocation to be used to substitute fossil fuels in heat production or mobility. In consequence, we want to create hydrogen ecosystems around our plants. Thus, the hydrogen will be used in clients’ trucks or neighbors’ trucks.

Our demonstration plant will produce 40 t of hydrogen per year, it gives the possibility to drive 400 000 kms with a 44t truck and substitute 96t of gasoil that represents 327 t of CO2.

We can also use it to produce heat or steam. With one ton, we can produce 33,33 MWh of heat. So, one year of production is equivalent to 1 333 MWh/year ≈ 133 000 m3 of natural gaz that represents 302t of CO2.

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Domaine : Energy

Incubateur : IMT Atlantique