Institut Mines-Telecom, winner of the “prematuration-maturation” call for projects

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On January 9, 2023, Sylvie Retailleau, France’s Minister for Higher Education and Research, revealed the list of 17 winners of the “prematuration-maturation” call for projects, part of the new France 2030 investment plan. One of the winners was the FRAMExG project, led by Institut Mines-Telecom and Ouest Valorisation (technology transfer acceleration company).

In December 2021, the government launched a call for projects to boost jobs and the economy, increase the flow of inventions, and promote the creation of start-ups and technology transfer.

As part of the national strategy to accelerate 5G and telecom networks of the future, this call for projects addresses a critical segment of the innovation cycle, aiming to remove technical, economic and organizational barriers and leverage the dissemination of new solutions from public research.

€275 million will be allocated to 17 consortia to fund the prematuration and maturation phases of the results of the France 2030 national acceleration strategies.

In keeping with its achievements in previous calls for projects for the national acceleration strategy, Institut Mines-Telecom is a winner of this call for projects, which will help it massively increase its activity in transferring research projects to the industrial world through patents.

The FRAMExG project aims to gestate disruptive 5G and 6G technology and accelerate their transfer to the socio-economic and industrial world.

Institut Mines-Telecom is a leader in 5G and 6G through the PIA4 Beyond 5G project and the 5G priority research program and equipment (PEPR). As a founder and coordinator of the Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute, it also has experience in technology transfer. It will lead the prematuration component, while Ouest Valorisation will lead the maturation component.

The FRAMExG prematuration and maturation program aims to give France a leading role in future telecommunication networks, whether 5G, 6G or beyond, while making a contribution to Europe’s sovereignty. To this end, it is establishing a system to incease its patents available for transfer to 5G and 6G players of all sizes (large companies, midcaps, SMEs, start-ups) or for pooling into the portfolios of manufacturers who participate in 5G, 6G or other standardization committees. Several hundred patents are expected to be transferred and/or lead to standardization.

FRAMExG is comprised of most of the nation’s leading research laboratories, technology transfer offices and technology research institutes and has support from major French and European manufacturers.