IMT is a key player in innovation and training in the digital world. As such it has adopted a proactive approach and offers high-level massive online open courses (MOOC) in various areas of expertise. On the strength of its capacities in terms of research and innovation and in collaboration with businesses, the Institut’s lessons endeavor to use the latest progress to analyze the impact of this progress on training. The challenge is clearly to combine new courses, innovative teaching methods, research, social values and business needs.

IMT intends to be a significant driving force in the roll-out of French-speaking massive online open courses. Its approach is cooperative, between the schools belonging to the Institut and with its academic and industrial partners.  

MOOC 4G Network Essentials

Advance your telecom career by learning how 4G networks enable internet access for smartphone users anytime, anywhere.

 Available on edX

MOOC  Getting sarted with augmented reality


This course will teach you the basics of developing mobile applications using Mixed and Augmented Reality (MAR) technologies.

Available on Coursera


MOOC  Digital Networks Essentials

Learn through hands-on experience how data flows through the internet, your phone and the IP protocols that support all online communications.

Available on edx


MOOC  Innovating in a Digital World

A knowledge toolkit for the new era of digital disruption

Available on Coursera

MOOC  Introduction to Satellite communications

How is a satellite built? How do they fly? How do they communicate and how does the network operate? You get all the answers in this course from teachers and researchers from three schools associated with IMT.

Available on Coursera