IMT’s 2013-2017 research strategy is based on :

  • the drivers of technology, commonly known as “the networks of the future”;
  • societal needs: uses, social integration, healthcare, transport, services, security, sustainable development, energy efficiency and transition;
  • economic needs: industrial processes, advanced materials, knowledge production, regulation, value creation and innovation platforms.

A strategy rolled out thanks to :

  • outstanding multidisciplinary research;
  • highly relevant finalized research
  • development of partnerships with companies (microenterprises, SMEs, midcaps, large groups), other research organizations and universities;
  • strong involvement in the innovation ecosystem

IMT is gradually setting up a cross-cutting approach to coordinate research, bringing together professors from its schools in a College of Experts to define its vision, scientific directions and main priority actions.

It continues to develop partnerships with research organizations and leading universities as well as companies, both large groups and SMEs.