EDHISI project: Cleyrop, OUTSCALE and IMT unveil an industrial and sovereign alternative for cloud infrastructure and managed data services as part of France 2030.

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Paris, June 18, 2024 – French Data & AI publisher Cleyrop has finalized EDHISI (European Data Hub Infrastructure & Services Initiatives), a local R&D project funded by BPI France and France 2030, as part of the call for expressions of interest for the development of the French and European cloud computing industry.

With the help of joint teams from Cleyrop, OUTSCALE (a Dassault Systèmes brand), and IMT, the French public authorities wanted to foster a sovereign cloud computing and data offering in line with European standards. This initiative reflects the changes taking place in the European data space landscape and offers an alternative response to the challenges faced by public and private organizations.

Analyzing discrepancies, speeding up collaborative innovation

Most French cloud computing providers currently offer “Infrastructure as a Service” (IAAS) as part of their range of secure & private hosting services. They can handle considerable service integration and evolutionary maintenance workloads, making it possible to power a state-of-the-art data analysis platform.

To reduce the risks associated with dependence on foreign infrastructures, the market is looking for a European alternative

A growing need to exploit data to facilitate strategic decision-making has emerged in both the public and private sectors, coupled with the need to preserve French and European technological sovereignty. In France, this also forms part of the government’s reinforcement of its policy on trusted clouds, with a strong prioritization of cloud computing in administration and a desire to use so-called trusted solutions that have been awarded ANSSI’s SecNumCloud 3.2 qualification.

The collective intelligence of a private-public partnership

EDHISI’s strength lies in its partnership with OUTSCALE, a SecNumCloud 3.2-qualified sovereign cloud infrastructure and “as a service” platform operator, and TeraLab, IMT’s AI & Big Data platform, as well as the support of industry observers such as the Engie group, which has shared its feedback as a major data user.

“TeraLab’s role in the EDHISI project was to provide the services of its neutral, sovereign experimentation platform for the Cleyrop data hub, so we set up a data exchange between the two hubs, in compliance with the data sharing standards published by the International Dataspace Association. When we talk about trust in data exchange, we need to specify criteria that are sufficiently reliable to measure it and establish it right through to the cloud service”, says Anne-Sophie Taillandier, Data & AI TeraLab Platform Director at IMT.