PhD is a research-based degree offered by the grandes écoles of IMT. IMT is nationally and internationally renowned for the high standard of its courses for engineers, managers and PhD students, and its research and innovation activities.

The research conducted by IMT covers 8 disciplines :

To be accepted for doctoral study in IMT’s laboratories, a Master of Science or Master of Engineering or another similar world-class master’s degree is required.
The course lasts 3 years. It includes an emphasis on research for academic or industrial purposes, as well as an optional introduction to management and business. This program is taught mostly in French, but some schools may offer 100% English options.

  • Life sciences and the environment
  • Energy and process engineering
  • Mechanical and materials engineering
  • Electronics and communication
  • Signal and image processing
  • Computer science and networks
  • Mathematics and systems
  • Economics, management, and society

This positioning is unique among French research bodies.


Lists of proposed PhD research topics, including summaries, are available on the websites of the Institut Mines-Telecom’s grandes écoles and labs. Use this resource to find the laboratory or department corresponding to your research interest to contact them directly.

After completing their thesis the majority (50%) of PhD graduates go on to work in business.

Please contact the school you are interested in applying to directly for guidance