4 years of MOOCs at IMT: an overview of the 2013-2016 period

4 ans de MOOC à l'IMT 2013 - 2016

IMT recently published its first report on the development of MOOCs in its graduate schools. Since 2013, 25 MOOCs have been created and broadcast on the French platform FUN as well as the American platforms Coursera and edX, with 340,000 enrollments in 170 countries. IMT is pursuing this transformation of its schools’ teaching by developing its series of MOOCs.

MOOCs as a pillar of the transformation of learning at IMT…

…in graduate programs

First experimented in 2013, MOOCs are currently employed in the framework of core curricula in engineering and management courses. There have been 11,000 enrollments by students in our schools.

… and in lifelong learning programs

Mainly followed individually by professionals, MOOCs are increasingly used by companies. They regularly use this kind of flexible training method to train staff members by recommending a MOOC or offering one as a SPOC (Small Private Online Course).

As proof of the interest among patrons in these new training methods, the MOOC titled “Understanding the Collaborative Economy” was developed with support from and in collaboration with the MAIF, while Fondation Patrick et Lina Drahi is currently providing significant support for the development of a MOOC program at IMT.

The 2013-2016 report naturally contains the full list of MOOCs by IMT, as well as a portrait of the typical learner (gender, age, qualifications, location, occupation), information on the use of MOOCs in schools and companies, 3 examples of innovation in MOOCs, and the associated production costs.

“After the pioneering age, IMT is entering the development and professionalization phase. On the strength of our experience over recent years, we wanted to share this overview with the educational community…”

Nicolas Sennequier, director of Digital Learning at IMT