All about digital manufacturing: the next IMT MOOC


How do you get from the idea through to the prototype using the new digital manufacturing tools? That is the teaching objective of this new MOOC available on the FUN platform from 17 March next. Hobbyists and all those with an interest in the subject are welcome to come and join their peers in the Fablabs community!

This course will be an opportunity for learners to familiarise themselves with the tools and techniques of digital manufacturing: electronics, Arduino, Design, connected objects, Internet, 3D printing…

Short videos will be addressing a new theme each week. Examples will be proposed to show how to use the different tools but most importantly, participants will be able to exchange with each other via self-help forums and workshops etc.

The coordinator of the MOOC is Baptiste Gaultier from Télécom Bretagne.

Enrolments are possible until 28 May 2014 and the course will end on 4 June.

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