The FLIRT project has been accredited as an “Initiative of excellence in innovative training for digital technology”

IMT responded to the “Initiatives of excellence in innovative training for digital technology” (IDEFI – N) call for projects launched in 2015 by the French National Agency for Research (ANR). One of the Institute’s projects, called FLIRT (Free and Innovative Networks and Telecommunications Training), was selected.

The IDEFI-N call for projects is an extension of the work of the IDEFI “Initiatives of excellence in innovative training” call for projects.

The aim of this call for projects is:

  • To accelerate the creation of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) and high-quality digital training services
  • Encourage ties between higher education institutions and enterprises in the digital technology economy.

The projects were selected by an international panel.

The project FLIRT

The Institute’s project titled FLIRT (Free and Innovative Networks and Telecommunications Training) was submitted in this context.

Its target is to accelerate the transformation of lifelong learning in the field of Telecommunications.

Over four years it aims to develop:

  • A collection of 10 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) in the field of “Networks and Telecommunications”
  • An offering of three training tracks based on the MOOCs
  • Innovations designed to improve the efficiency of teaching of the MOOCs


The project also aims to develop an ecosystem and community of French expertise through the involvement of partners from French telecommunications.

The project received a grant of €990,000 thanks to involvement by Télécom Evolution, the cluster of MOOCs and professors from the Institute’s graduate schools and associated schools.


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