New MOOC: “Innovating in a digital world”


“Innovating in a digital world”: a new MOOC for a better understanding of “Uberization” and digital disruption.

After “Uberization”, the new rules of the game of the digital world

Facebook, AirBnB, Tesla, Amazon, Uber… These are all companies that have revolutionized whole swathes of the economy in just a few years. Less visible are the thousands of start-ups who find themselves defying the large, long-established industrial groups. Fascinating, exhilarating, disconcerting… and difficult to follow? This MOOC explains the new rules of the game.

15 key concepts along with short videos

You will discover 15 fundamental notions for understanding the new mechanisms of innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital world, including digital business models, connected objects, open innovation and new entrepreneurial contexts.

Each concept is explained by a teaching video lasting 5 minutes and made by teachers and designers. The videos are complemented by additional resources (online publications, videos, sector-specific case studies etc.)

A MOOC for all types of audience

Everyone is confronted with this digital revolution, whether in their personal or professional lives. The format of this MOOC has therefore been designed for the “simply curious” as well as professionals and students on Bachelor’s, Master’s or even PhD courses.

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Start of the course: 28th October
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The teachers*

The MOOC is dispensed by Rémi Maniak, Thomas Houy, Laurent Gille and Valérie Fernandez, all Research Professors at Télécom Paris. It has been created with the support of Fondation Patrick et Lina Drahi.

English version available

To boost its audience, there will be an English version of this MOOC from 17th November on the Coursera platform, following the agreement signed between this international MOOC player and IMT.



*The teachers of the “Innovating in a digital world” MOOC


Rémi Maniak is a Lecturer in management sciences at Télécom Paris and an Associate Researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique. A graduate of ESCP Europe, he had a PhD in management sciences from the Ecole Polytechnique. He teaches innovation and strategy management at Masters and Post-Masters level. He conducts his research on business models and organizations adapting to competition through innovation, and the digital revolution. He works as a scientific advisor for large enterprises and within European projects. He has published several works and scientific articles on these issues.

Thomas HOUY

Thomas Houy is a lecturer in Management at Télécom Paris, where he teaches corporate strategy and entrepreneurship. His research calls into question certain common preconceptions concerning digital start-ups. His works and articles aim to provide results that can be put into practice directly by the community of entrepreneurs. He also gives talks at Université Paris-Dauphine and the ENSAE (Paris Graduate School of Economics, Statistics and Finance). Having been an entrepreneur several times himself, he now supports start-ups.


Valérie Fernandez is a Professor and Director of the Economics and Social Sciences department at Télécom Paris. In collaboration with industrial partners and international researchers, she examines the organizational changes in enterprises linked to digital technology. Her most recent work looked at managerial innovations related to this theme: open-innovation, mobile working, virtual professional worlds, governance of information systems etc.

Laurent GILLE

Laurent Gille is a Professor at Télécom Paris. He is a specialist in digital economics and its regulation. He provides multiple expert services for regulators and operators in emerging countries. A specialist in digital forecasting, he most notably coordinated the report “Internet 2030” that was submitted to the French Government in 2013.

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