MOOCs in October 2016

Want to expand your knowledge? IMT is offering a new range of MOOCs starting in October which will allow you to develop your skills. Management, design, innovation, networks and telecommunications… in French or in English, courses with and without an end qualification, there is something for everyone!

Discovering the world of telecommunications

This MOOC will teach you how networks and telecommunications work. It will allow you to gain a basic insight, after which you could consider starting a certification or diploma course.

Dates: October 20 – December 19 2016

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Designing and creating models in a Fablab

This MOOC is the third part to the Digital Fabrication course

The course enables you to create practical objects in the FabLab. You will be able to profit from any guidance necessary to develop your creation, from the initial idea right up until the finished product.

Requirements: Have completed the Program an Object with Arduino

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Innovation and entrepreneurship in a digital world

The digital world is constantly evolving and so it is vital to keep up to date with new practices and adhere to them as much as possible. This MOOC enables you to

  • ask the right questions whether that be in management, entrepreneurship or economics;
  • know how to identify factors of this revolution,
  • know the strategies to put in place, particularly in an entrepreneurial process.

Dates: October 18 – November 20 2016

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Getting started with augmented reality – Session 2

A MOOC wholly devoted to the fundamentals of mobile application development, including augmented reality technology.


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