MOOC: plunge into fixed and mobile networks!

Optical fibres around earth

A founding partner of France Université Numérique (FUN), IMT is re-launching two successful MOOCs for the start of the academic year: “Principles of data networks” and “An introduction to mobile networks”.

“Principles of data networks”: to learn about the network technologies underlying the Internet and the mobile network.

The class, which will begin on September 8th, delves into the operation of data networks that allow communication and give access to information (e.g. the Internet or cellphone networks). The class defines the vocabulary, concepts and mechanisms common to all IT networks. It outlines the behavior of a global network, the functioning of its components and the importance of standards and protocols.
This class has been designed for students or professionals with at least baccalaureate level and a scientific and computing background. A certificate is offered by IMT in the form of a timed and supervised individual exam. It is recommended to pass the certification before attempting the certification exam. This class is part of the first year’s program of the Telecom schools and corresponds to a workload of 2 ECTS credits in these schools.

The teaching staff for this class is composed of professors from Télécom Bretagne, Télécom SudParis and Télécom Paris.
Registrations are open until September 17th and classes will end next December 31st.

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“An introduction to mobile networks”: class starts on August 28th

Are you familiar with GSM, 3G or LTE? Come and discover what hides behind these acronyms and understand the functioning of these mobile networks that give you access to the Internet and fluent communication whether you are in the city or the countryside. This class includes videos and quizzes and covers 8 weeks. It is likely to be of interest to:

  • High school students looking for a preview of higher education in the field of networks and telecommunications
  • Higher education students starting a curriculum in networks
  • Technicians and engineers in a field related to telecommunications that wish to acquire basic knowledge about networks
  • Curious people of all ages, with or without scientific background.

The teaching staff for this class is composed of professors from Télécom Bretagne. Registrations remain open throughout the MOOC. Class begins August 28th and ends next December 4th

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