A MOOC for learning the basics of digital manufacturing


This MOOC is the first part of a “Digital Manufacturing” program created by IMT in partnership with MCD and Makery.info. It is funded by the Ile-de-France region with support from the Department of Paris.


Four weeks to understand how digital manufacturing is revolutionizing the production of objects.

3D printers and numerically-controlled laser cutting machines give everyone the possibility of manufacturing their own objects. They can also be programmed and connected to the internet, enabling a quick transition from idea to prototype, thereby allowing their creators to become entrepreneur makers. This rapidly growing sector is giving rise to new professions.


An inside look at FabLabs

This MOOC will give you the opportunity to take an inside look at FabLabs to help you understand the basics of digital manufacturing. Through collaborative workshops, you will discover the technology, methods and professions that make it possible to produce the objects of the future such as connected devices, prosthetic hands, furniture and even prototypes for electric cars.

At the end of the MOOC, you will be able to :

•    describe what a FabLab is and what it can be used to do
•    describe how to create an object with a numerically-controlled machine
•    write and run a simple program to program an object
•    explain how to make the transition from prototype to entrepreneurial project


This MOOC is an introductory MOOC. Basic knowledge of digital tools is recommended (email, web browsing, word processing).


The “Introduction to Digital Manufacturing” MOOC is co-produced by IMT (with support from the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation), MCD and Makery.info. It is funded by the Ile-de-France region and the Department of Paris. As part of the “ParisCode” and “Digital technology for career training” calls for projects, a group of thirty jobseekers will participate in this MOOC in conjunction with FabLab workshops and will receive a certificate of acquired skills from IMT at the end of the course.

Statements of Completion

Statements attesting to the successful completion of the course are issued by FUN to learners who successfully pass the evaluations.

Courses begin May 23 !

By the Paris City Hall on May 30, 2017
à 9h chez Draft Ateliers
12, esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, Paris 18

MOOC teachers :

  • Baptiste Gaultier, engineer at IMT Atlantique, FabLab enthusiast and pedagogical manager
  • Guillaume Attal, fabmanager at Villette Makerz,
  • Quentin Billey, co-founder of Draft Ateliers,
  • Arthur Baude, digital artist, designer and maker at Le Petit Fablab de Paris
  • Nicolas Bard, co-founder of the makerspace ICI Montreuil.

MOOC s'initier à la fabrication numérique


This MOOC is carried out with the support of the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation and the Mines-Télécom Foundation

MOOC s'initier à la fabrication numérique