Innovation Sustainability & Territories Convergence Challenge 2022 : Congratulations to the winning teams !


IMT’s first Convergence Challenge was held from June 30 to July 3, 2022 at the Alès Creativity Hub. It welcomed students from seven IMT schools and affiliated schools, who accepted the sustainable and territorial innovation challenge.

After three days of intense preparation, participants presented their understanding of the initial issue and the associated solutions to a jury of experts.
Five prizes were awarded :

2050 Prize

How can the OpenCompute recover critical heat from regional data centers ?

Congratulations to the “OpenCompute” team :

  • GRIFFONGUILLARD Ulysse, Télécom Paris
  • HARKATI Chiraz Rayene, EURECOM
  • POYET Anna, Mines Saint-Étienne
  • RENAUT Louison, Mines Sain-Étienne
  • ZRIAA Imane, IMT Atlantique

Sustainable Innovation & Territories Award

The recycling of end-of-life pleasure boats is a major issue in Occitanie. What types of composite recycling solutions should be developed in order to obtain recycled products that address both environmental and economic issues ?

Congratulations to the “Bateau” team :

  • CATHELIN Dylan, IMT Nord Europe
  • DEVOS Lisa, IMT Mines Alès
  • GOUINS Claire, IMT Nord Europe
  • GUINDO Benjamin, IMT Nord Europe
  • MEBITIL Sarah, IMT Nord Europe

Jury’s Prize

How can a low-tech idea be turned into a viable business model: the desert fridge or “frig’eau” provides the perfect example.

Congratulations to the “Frig’eau/LowTech” team :

  • BOUALAM Hiba, Mines Sain-Étienne
  • CARIDROIT Xavier, Mines Saint Etienne
  • MABILAIS Louise, Mines Saint Etienne
  • SIDI CHEIKH Fayza, Mines SaintÉtienne

2 Honors Awards

In light of increased climate events in the region (floods, fires, etc.), how can local stakeholders prepare for crisis management ? By optimizing the collection and management of data to produce support scenarios adapted to specific regions.

The Pôle Mécanique, a key infrastructure in the region, is facing challenges linked to the energy transition. How can we anticipate the needs of the automotive and motorcycle market (manufacturers, race car teams, leisure, corporate events) in order to guide future investment choices and services towards offering an energy-positive circuit by 2030 ?

Congratulations to the “Pôle Mécanique” :

  • AIOUCHE Nada, IMT Nord Europe
  • ENGLENDER Mathias, Mines Sain-Étienne
  • GEORGES Hedy, IMT Nord Europe
  • SALTAN Yusa Kaya, IMT Nord Europe
  • SANAA Hela, IMT Atlantique

And to the “Risques” team :

  • ASSLOUJ Houssam Eddine, IMT Nord Europe
  • BOUCARD Mathis, Mines Sain-Étienne
  • TIZOMBA Ivanhoé, Montpellier Business School

Many thanks to all participants, IMT Mines Alès for hosting the event, coaches at the IMT incubators, speakers and project partners.

Thank you to Fondation Mines-Telecom and Airbus for their support.

View pictures from the IMT Challenge :