A look back at the IMT symposium: “Are we entering a new era of cybersecurity?”

Colloque cybersécurité 2017

For its 8th scientific symposium on 10 November 2017 in Paris, focusing on cybersecurity, IMT brought together some one hundred experts from its schools, several industrial and research partners as well as members of ministerial bodies.


Opening and program of symposium:


3 major approaches identified

Through 17 presentations, the experts from IMT schools outlined work and reflections relating to each of the 3 major approaches that have been identified.

“Privacy: from the empire of words to the tyranny of figures, what path should we choose?” – Me Isabelle Landreau

“Who will be the new suppliers of personal data?” – Philippe Jaillon (Mines Saint-Étienne)

“Genetic data and Privacy” – Mario Sudholt (IMT Atlantique)

“GDPR : for an auditable user content” – Maryline Laurent (Télécom SudParis)

“Flow control on Android” – Nora Cuppens (IMT Atlantique)



“Can defenders get ahead of attackers?”  

As well as positive progress, digital transformation also brings with it various security threats.Table ronde « Les défenseurs peuvent-ils être en avance sur les attaquants ? » A round-table discussion of the theme of “Can defenders get ahead of attackers?” highlighted the challenges we currently face in overcoming these threats.

Putting new procedures in place to slow down attackers, innovative investigation tools, monitoring, evaluating the success of current measures, recruiting experts, business logic, etc. These are all subjects that were addressed by the six experts that were present: Romain Françoise (CTO Sentryo), Olivier Bettan (Director of R&D in Cyber Security at Thales), Florent Kirchner (Director of the Security and Safety Laboratory for the software CEA List), Nicolas Loriot (Sr. Cyber Defense Expert at Airbus Defense and Space), Frédéric Cuppens (teacher-researcher in the Network Systems, Cybersecurity and Digital Law Department at l’IMT Atlantique) and Hervé Debar (Director of the Networks, Services and Telecommunications Department at Télécom SudParis).




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