Virginie Maillard (Renault Group), new president of IMT’s Scientific Advisory Board


The aim of IMT’s Scientific Advisory Board is to advise and assess IMT on its research and innovation strategy bearing in mind the needs of the economy and society as well as scientific and technological advances at the national, European and international level. The board welcomed its new members on December 14, 2017.

Scientific Advisory Board procedure 

The Board meets twice a year. Each session is dedicated to:

  • an analysis of the strategic priorities of a theme or field of research and innovation
  • other strategic subjects of general interest, recruitment, organization, innovation policy, international policy, etc.

The strategic analysis of a theme or field is based on an assessment carried out in advance during a conference which brings together IMT experts specifically chosen according to the subject.


Virginie Maillard (Renault Group), new president of IMT’s Scientific Advisory Board

Since 2014, Virginie Maillard has been Vice-President of Research and Research Strategy at Renault, within the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, at the Renault Technocenter in Guyancourt. She holds an engineering degree from INSA Lyon and a Master’s degree in Mechanics. Over the course of her twenty-two year engineering career at Renault, she has held different vehicle research and development positions, especially in the areas of exterior equipment and acoustics. In 2015, Virginie Maillard received Automotive News Europe’s Rising Star Award.

The composition of Institut Mines-Télécom’s Scientific Advisory Board reflects the scale of the scientific themes addressed and the wide-ranging nature of IMT’s research and innovation. Its role is also to offer the viewpoint of businesses and the academic world. The aim is to involve companies that have a global vision of the economy, markets, technologies and society at large, and to take on board the analysis of researchers from international universities and research centers. Qualified individuals also sit on the Board in order to provide their experience and widely acknowledged expertise.


Appointed to the board:

  • 12 representatives from the corporate world: industry or services
  • 6 representatives from the academic world
  • 6 qualified specialists
  • 2 representatives from the IMT faculty