Digital Manufacturing MOOC program: 100,000 participants and 12,000 qualifications awarded since it was launched!


Launched in 2014 and subsequently remodeled into a program of 4 MOOCs in 2017, Digital Manufacturing has this year reached 100,000 participants, generating 12,000 certificates. The education team headed by Baptiste Gaultier, a research engineer at IMT Atlantique, is continually innovating and building on our successes!

A hybrid course perfect for job seekers

The creation of a fourth MOOC launched in 2017 has been integrated into the Digital Manufacturing course, funded by the Île-de-France Region and the Department of Paris.

In the context of the calls for proposals “ParisCode” and “Digital technology in professional education”, a group of thirty job-seekers participated both in the MOOC and in FabLab workshops with the goal of obtaining a certificate for skills gained, awarded by IMT.

IMT wins an Île-de-France award for digital innovation in higher education for its Toile de Compétences project

IMT received this award on Thursday 30 November at the Maison des Sciences et de l’Homme in Northern Paris. This was one of 10 projects selected by the judging panel for the Île-de-France award for digital innovation in higher education, following their call for expressions of interest in the Île-de-France region in July.

The “Toile de Compétences” project: certifying skills gained on all platforms, online and in the classroom. Proposed by IMT and France IOI, this project aims to guarantee the fair certification of skills obtained online or in the classroom using software tools. Find out more

What’s next for IMT?

IMT has won a new call for proposals in the Île-de-France region in order to roll out this hybrid education course in 2018, training 100 learners through the FabLabs.

After 4 years of rapid expansion in its MOOC activity, IMT is preparing for the start of 2018 with new objectives which will be supported by IMT’s new strategic plan, particularly on an international level.