IMT at the FIC 2018 on January 23 and 24


IMT is an academic and research partner of this benchmark European event, which will bring together all the players in the field of digital confidence. Representatives from IMT’s cybersecurity for critical infrastructure chair, IMT Atlantique, IMT Lille Douai, Télécom Paris, Télécom SudParis and Télécom Evolution will notably be present. Cybersecurity is one of the themes of scientific leadership given in the 2018-2022 strategy presented by IMT on January 16 this year.

IMT will have a dedicated stand (stand D32) in the Research Space of the FIC

The stand will present two demonstrations: one by Télécom SudParis and the other by IMT Atlantique.

For Télécom SudParis: a demonstration of the cyber resilience of cyber-physical systems using SCADA technology and SDN programmable networks.
The aim is to demonstrate the ability to mitigate cyber-physical attacks. Using these network counter measures, the demonstration shows how to respond to failures and cyberattacks in the domain of Industry 4.0, in order to evaluate and improve resilience in industrial scenarios.

For IMT Atlantique: demonstration of cybersecurity and IoT
This demonstration, developed in the framework of the ASSET project by the Franco-German Academy, sets up a wireless IoT network using the latest IETF standards (6LowPAN, RPL, CoAP) to evaluate its security. The example of a case will involve a robotic arm serving tea and a system for heating / monitoring the temperature of the water so that it is served at the ideal temperature for tea.

Presence of schools at other stands

IMT Atlantique – stand D12 – Research space
IMT Atlantique will also be at the FIC in the framework of the Brittany Cyber / Cybervalley Excellence Cluster to present its training programs in cybersecurity and the Critical infrastructure chair. Researchers from the school will present a demonstration of the behavioral approach to intrusion detection with large quantities of data.

IMT Lille Douai – stand C11 – Regional space
IMT Lille Douai will have a stand in the regional pavilion to present its engineering training programs and the “Engineering and Cybersecurity” specialized Master. The latter is accredited by the French Conference of Graduate Schools and is SecNumEdu certified by the ANSSI. In addition, a group of students from the school will be taking part in the challenges that will be held during the FIC.

Télécom Paris – stand E12 – Careers Space
Télécom Paristech invites visitors to discover its “Network Architecture and Cybersecurity” and “Cybersecurity and Cyberdefense” specialized Masters. The school will also present its new Connected Cars and Cyber Security research Chair.