IMT unveils its new strategic plan for 2018-2022


A year after its statutory change, IMT is unveiling its global strategic plan for 2018-2022, validated by its Management Board on November 27 last year. The plan develops 4 strategic deployment priorities and 4 levers for success, illustrated through 22 flagship projects.


The product of a collective effort mobilizing all the schools, the strategy aims to make Institut Mines-Télécom a national institute of science and technology with an extended geographical presence through its schools, as well as international visibility. It aims to capitalize on the diversity of the schools’ knowledge and expertise to devise courses, research and useful innovation for businesses and society in a 21st-century economy undergoing digital, environmental, industrial, educational and energy-related transformations.

4 strategic objectives

Four strategic objectives have been defined on the basis of a collective analysis coordinated by the IMT directorate-general, in articulation with the schools’ strategies and their engagement in local policies:
– respond to the growth, diversification and evolution of training demands,
– develop scientific leadership to serve the needs of the economy and society,
– act as a spearhead for innovation and support economic development,
– join the elite of major technology institutes and universities of international renown.

4 levers to support the strategy

In parallel, four levers for success have been defined to support the implementation of these strategic objectives:
– a structural lever which consists in pursuing the structuring and deployment of IMT across different regions,
– a financial lever with the development of financial resources and a foundational business model for growth,
– a managerial lever to create a group culture and dynamic based on cooperation and career development,
– a promotional lever aiming to further the reputation and attractiveness of IMT and its schools.

IMT today and tomorrow

IMT currently has 13,400 students, with the aim of reaching 20,000 students by 2022. In terms of budget, the aim is to increase own funds by 60%, while in terms of HR the Institute plans to increase the number of professor-researchers by 25%.

To achieve these aims, IMT has developed its strategic objectives and levers for success through over twenty flagship projects, the most emblematic of which include the academy of educational transformation, the affirmation of a major partnership research institute, the development of technology platforms, the Franco-German Academy and IMT Africa, the roll-out of consortia on a regional level (IMT Grand Est and IMT AURA) and the development of patronage thanks notably to Fondation Mines-Télécom.

Go on the offensive, unite stakeholders, and drive growth and attractiveness

For Philippe Jamet, President of IMT, “The strategy aims to exploit all available opportunities in a fast-changing academic world. It expresses our desire to go on the offensive, unite stakeholders and drive growth and attractiveness, dovetailing with our top-notch university campuses and higher education sites. Our value offering is resolutely geared toward businesses, regions and student generations, from initial training to lifelong education, with expectations of success, meaningfulness, open educational experiences and fully renewed teaching methods. The target set for the Institute by 2022 is very ambitious, whether in terms of student numbers, funds or influence.”