IMT Lille Douai become IMT Nord Europe


Over four years after the merger between Mines Douai and Télécom Lille, IMT Lille Douai is set to become IMT Nord Europe, confirming its transformation and strategic position at the crossroads of Northern Europe. This new identity highlights both the institution’s national roots as well as its desire to strengthen its involvement in a major sphere of influence in the European economy.

IMT Nord Europe, a new identity for a forward-looking school…

Officially introduced at the start of the 2021 academic year, this new name is a key component of the transformation strategy initiated by the school’s teams since the merger between Mines Douai and Télécom Lille.

In less than 5 years, the school has been transformed by a clear strategy aimed at ensuring tomorrow’s engineers are immersed in the reality of the economic, ecological and technological issues of the 21st century. As a reflection of this transformation, IMT Lille Douai introduced a new brand signature in September 2020–I’M TOMORROW–already revealing a desire to affirm its position as a global stakeholder.

…with an international perspective.

The school’s new identity confirms its strategic position at the heart of Europe. In addition to Lille and Douai, the school has locations in Valenciennes, Dunkirk and Alençon.

The school’s influence reaches far beyond  French borders, with 36 dual international degree agreements, 121 foreign partner institutions, and 15.7% of graduates earning a dual degree with a foreign institution in 2020, despite the health crisis. It has developed numerous partnerships in recent years with universities in Northern Europe and will sign two new agreements with Czech, Russian, Swedish and Norwegian universities in 2021-2022.

The institution coordinates and administers outbound mobility for students in dual degree and second degree programs to the United Kingdom for the Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) group. Strengthened by this new identity, the institution will be in a position to broaden the scope of this mission by overseeing mobility to Northern European countries for IMT schools who are interested.

Alain Schmitt, Director of IMT Nord Europe:

We are proud of this new identity that reflects our objectives for growth and development. Our mission is to train engineers who are active and involved in the world around them. In addition to the current ecological, energy, economic and technological transitions, our students must be able to experience the globalized and multicultural world we live in. This is precisely what we offer them through mobility opportunities around the world, especially in Northern Europe.

Engineers, building the world of the future

IMT Nord Europe offers a general engineering degree for students and 5 specialized engineering degrees through apprenticeship programs, which provide the regional, national and international economic fabric with engineers who will build the future.

The demand for engineers is constantly growing in France and abroad and the school’s graduates are particularly sought-after (93% of students hired before graduation or two months thereafter, with an average annual salary of €41,000). The school endeavors to train responsible engineers and managers who receive training in business science and management in addition to scientific and technological requirements. They will therefore be prepared to face societal, human and environmental issues in an international environment.