€1M allocated to IMT to roll out the Franco-German Academy projects for the Industry of the Future


The endowment of €1M announced by Christophe Sirugue, State Secretary for Industry, Digital Technology and Innovation, who was at Mines Saint-Etienne for Industry Week, will strengthen the action already implemented by the 2 founders of the Academy (IMT and TUM). This comes 3 months after Berlin’s Franco-German digital conference which looked back on the launch of the Franco-German Academy for the Industry of the Future.

Positive first steps by the Franco-German Academy for the Industry of the Future

Since the first Franco-German digital conference, the Academy for the Industry of the Future, founded on 27 October 2015, has managed to forge collaborations between researchers from the 2 founding members, TUM (Technische Universität München) and IMT. These collaborations started immediately in 2 areas:

  • Cyberarchitecture and Safety through 3 research projects: Hybrid Blockchain Architectures, Secure Connected Industry and Towards a Secure Internet of Things;
  • Networked Cooperations for the Industry of the Future thanks to the Smart Cyber-Physical Environments and Transformation of Organizational Control research projects.

New momentum through financial allocation

With this new endowment, IMT and TUM will be able to move up a gear, develop projects already underway in 2016 and initiate new projects related to research and training.

  • Research projects

Thanks to the endowment granted by the French government, the initiated projects will be able to reach their full potential. Additionally, the exploration of a second wave of projects related to the next phase for the Academy will start around other shared domains such as advanced materials, 3D printing, energy efficiency, design and industrial logistics.

  • Summer school

This two-session program will cover “connected vehicles and digital routes” and “human factors and cooperative design systems”.

  • Launch of the Blended Learning program

It will be based on 15 modules (remote/classroom) providing enhanced digital education for industry executives and building knowledge of the Industry of the Future. This program will offer an “Industry of the Future” certificate of the micro-master type.

According to Christian Roux, Director of Research and Innovation at IMT, “We are now in a position to take this new Franco-German cooperation to the next level with our TUM partners. This opens up an original pathway within higher education and European research and will have the support of a club of industrial partners from the Academy for its development.”