Led by Institut Mines-Télécom and SATT Ouest Valorisation, the FRAMExG consortium is one of the winners of the call for “Maturation-Prematuration” projects

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Its goal: draw on 5G and future xG networks to boost French industrial competitiveness.

Unleashing the innovative potential of public research: the FRAMExG consortium

seeks to draw on 5G and future xG networks to support French industrial competitiveness

French Minister of Higher Education and Research Sylvie Retailleau unveiled the list of winners of the France 2030 call for “Maturation-Prematuration” projects, which includes the FRAMExG consortium, led by Institut Mines-Télécom and SATT Ouest Valorisation.

This project is central to the national acceleration strategy for 5G and future telecommunications network technologies, which aims to produce significant public research efforts so that the national scientific community can contribute to major progress in order to respond to sovereignty challenges.

France was at the forefront of the development of 2G and 3G networks, but has played a less influential role in the design of later generations of networks, as evidenced by its diminished presence in standardization bodies.

The FRAMExG (French pRogram for IP Massification of Europe in XG) maturation-prematuration program strives to restore France to a leading role in future xG communication networks, by introducing a patent massification program, strong standardization activity and a strategy to transfer technology to the world of industry.