CELTIC-NEXT Innovation Award 2020 presented to the E3 consortium, of which IMT is a member

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The European project E3 – E-health services Everywhere and for Everybody Solution (part of the Celtic Plus/Eurêka family), of which the Institut Mines-Télécom is a member, was awarded its 3rd European prize, the Innovation Prize, during the CELTIC-NEXT Day on December 2nd. The E3 project is the continuation of the Hipermed project which had also received 3 European prizes.

E3 has designed a telemedicine platform that enables everyone to access eHealth services through high quality and low cost videoconferencing and eHealth services. E3 has been one of the few CELTIC projects led by SMEs and has generated up to three new start-up, offering 12 new and 14 improved products since the creation of the platform.

“In innovation, some cooperation leads to success,” according to Denis Abraham, project leader, at the announcement of the award.

Indeed, the E3 project is the fruit of a beneficial collaboration between academics and the private sector (8 SMEs, 1 industrial group, 4 academic entities and 5 hospitals for experiments) from five countries (Spain, France, Finland, Poland and Turkey).

In 2017, the project had notably organised a surgical operation (10 hours) on an awake patient (in collaboration with the Nancy CHRU) broadcast live and intended for the doctors and students of the Nancy CHRU and the school’s engineering students: a unique opportunity to discover the secrets of the human brain and the extraordinary progress made in neurosurgery, but also the perfect illustration of the results of the research conducted in the field of video stream encoding and, more broadly, digital health.