Institut Mines-Telecom launches its “Up To Start by IMT” entrepreneurship competition

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Institut Mines-Telecom offers 25 projects the chance to be incubated in one of the 11 IMT school incubation sites from the start of the 2023 academic year.

Institut Mines-Telecom (IMT), a major player in local entrepreneurship and innovation, is launching “Up To Start by IMT”, a new national entrepreneurship competition to help nurture the deeptech stars of tomorrow. What is the goal of the partnership? To share IMT schools’ technical and scientific expertise by providing free support for 25 high-impact entrepreneurship projects in one of the 11 Institut Mines-Telecom school incubators.

Attracting deeptech entrepreneurship projects in four key areas

The “Up To Start by IMT” national start-up recruitment competition aims to attract the most promising entrepreneurs to join one of the 11 IMT incubators based at the schools and their laboratories.

The competition is open to start-ups in the creation phase and those created less than 12 months ago, contributing to the following issues:

  • Responsible future industry
  • Digital sovereignty and efficiency
  • Health engineering and well-being
  • Energy, the circular economy and society

The 25 winning projects in the “Up To Start by IMT” competition will receive all-around support.

Institut Mines-Telecom, the leading public academic incubator network

Under the supervision of the Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty, IMT contributes to innovation and entrepreneurship in France. The schools’ national network of incubators has made its mark on the tech and innovation landscape.  Every year, nearly 120 innovative, growth-generating projects receive support, raising a total of €100 million for start-up costs.

For 35 years, Institut Mines-Telecom schools have been supporting innovative entrepreneurship projects, with major success stories in the fields of health & well-being, the environmental transition and digital technology, including Withings, OSO, MORFO, EXOTEC, SECURE-IC, and more.

Why choose incubation at an Institut Mines-Telecom school ?

IMT’s complementary nature means we can offer entrepreneurs a wide range of expertise. Thus, candidates will be assigned to the incubator with specific experience and know-how in their project’s sector and field of activity.

How to take part in the “Up To Start by IMT” competition

The selection process is in two stages. The initial pre-selection stage is based on applications before moving onto the second audition stage. Then, 25 start-ups are chosen to join one of IMT’s 11 incubation sites.

The competition’s schedule:

  • Until July 7, 2023: accepting applications
  • From July 10 to 13, 2023: pre-selection of admissible projects
  • From July 18 to 20, 2023: audition of admissible projects
  • July 21, 2023: winners are notified
  • From September 2023: winners join the incubators

Creating our start-up recruitment competition was an obvious choice for Institut Mines-Telecom, a key player in the field of entrepreneurship with over 80 start-ups founded every year.  Our network of 11 local incubators, each with its own special expertise, helps us to identify and support the most promising projects in terms of their impact on applications and technology. We must speed up the creation of projects that will help us meet the major challenges of the environmental, digital and industrial transitions by mobilizing and pooling our schools’ resources.

Françoise Prêteux : Director of Research and Economic Development, Institut Mines-Telecom