France 2030: Institut Mines-Telecom appointed to set up the “France 6G” platform

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Institut Mines-Telecom has been chosen by the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industrial and Digital Sovereignty and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to design and manage the future France 6G platform. The aim is to bring together industrial and academic stakeholders working on 6G and the networks of the future. The platform community will actively promote its technologies in standardization committees.

As part of the France 2030 initiative, the government is launching a large-scale public research program into the networks of the future, including the July 10 launch of PEPR 5G (5G Priority Research Programs and Equipment) and Networks of the Future. With the arrival of 6G, the next generation of networks will be a vital tool for industry to remain competitive, and an asset for France, which needs to reassert itself around the technological standards that will shape future markets.

From 5G to 6G

5G saw the arrival of native multi-service and multi-sector networks structuring different vertical industries. Now comes 6G, which is up to 100 times faster than 5G, with increased performance and digital sobriety. This opens up new potential for operational solutions to meet the challenges of industry, particularly for applications and services based on integrative and frugal AI: interactive robotics, immersive virtual reality, digital twins, etc.

And standardization plays a key role in this highly competitive environment. Drafting of the 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) standards for 5G Advanced began in 2022 with version 18, while drafting for 6G is scheduled for 2026 with version 21. Telecoms players are now working together to draw up the first service specifications for 6G, with its rollout scheduled for 2030.

The France 6G platform: a leading-edge initiative

The France 6G platform aims to leverage, unite, and structure ecosystems to identify and implement key technologies – taking into account energy and societal issues. It will then promote these technologies in published standards. The long-term goal is to acquire a pool of essential 6G patents, enabling French companies to gain the advantage in certain market segments.

Watch the video explaining the implementation of the “France 6G” platform (VO with English subtitles) :