Attend the Beyond the Mobile Phone conference on November 30 in Paris


The 2022 edition of the Beyond the Mobile Phone conference will take place on November 30 in Paris, in partnership with Institut Mines-Télécom, EURECOM, France Brevets and Qualcomm. The event is supported by the Télécom & Société Numérique Carnot Institute.

Wednesday, November 30, in Paris

A unique opportunity to understand how 5G and Intelligent Edge are transforming industries and businesses. Industry and State representatives, academic experts and researchers will present the latest innovations in 5G and explain how Connected Intelligent Edge will enable the development of applications which go well beyond the smartphone.

On March 4, 2019, EURECOM, France Brevets, IMT and Qualcomm announced a joint funding agreement for research in new technologies involving the 5G-NR standard. Qualcomm provided funds to support research in wireless communications led by EURECOM and its partner institution IMT, while France Brevets lent its support in the field of intellectual property strategy. This form of collaboration heralds a new way of working together to develop sustainable and digital transformation; an approach which is bolstered by investments in technology, creativity, innovation and invention. It also acknowledges that solid protection of intellectual property and an open system of license granting and standardization are key to pursuing the momentum of Europe’s innovation economy, all the more so given that 5G-NR is entering adjacent sectors such as the automotive industry, healthcare, education and retail.

“As a key player in mobile telecommunications and the 5G-XG ecosystem, IMT is proud to be part of this close collaboration with EURECOM, France Brevets and Qualcomm, which boosts the skills of French researchers in this field” says Francis Jutand, Deputy Executive Director of Institut Mines-Télécom. “The conference highlights the innovative results of this multilateral partnership and will provide valuable insight into the latest advances in R&D and 5G technology and standardization.”

“The partnership between EURECOM, IMT and Qualcomm confirms the ability of France Brevets to attract foreign investors to France. 5G has become a reality, and Qualcomm, a key player in 5G and one of the world’s most innovative companies, has opted to pursue the development of this technology in France. This decision confirms the quality of French R&D and the attractiveness of France in Europe for the development of new technologies,” said Didier Patry, CEO of France Brevets.