Attend IMT Lives for the Industry of the Future !


Since May, Institut Mines-Télécom’s Career and Skills Observatory has offered a new series of monthly meetings dedicated to industry, organized by students from IMT schools : IMT Lives for the Industry of the Future !

These lives are a continuation of the Industry webinars created by AIF (Industry of the Future Alliance) that ran from April 2020 to late June 2021. Like the webinars, they seek to enhance people’s understanding of industry and the major issues and challenges it faces in light of various transitions (digital, ecological, energy, social etc.)

A special feature of these lives is the role played by students from across the IMT network, since they choose the themes for each show, participate in the organization, prepare all of the interviews with the various participants, contribute to communication, and, most importantly, host each live in pairs.

These lives create links between academia and industry, to help our future engineers understand that this sector needs them and help achieve this industrial renaissance, while improving collaboration between the worlds of industry and education on major topics that affect us all. Encouraging future collaboration is always a priority for IMT and its schools, with their strong regional ties in synergy with their ecosystems.

Tune in on 20 October at 6.30pm!

This live will focus on the following topic: The return to the office: do we still want to work?

The Covid-19 pandemic has profoundly changed our relationship to work, through a massive shift to remote work, successive lockdown periods and the desire to return human values to the heart of organizations. In the United States, this has resulted in an unprecedented phenomenon described as the “great resignation,” which seems to be occurring in France, according to the latest figures provided by the Dares. Environmental issues also influence individuals’ career and life choices, as the perceived role of work has changed, and is no longer necessarily at the center of our existence, with a new mantra: work less to live better.

The various guests will provide insights on these trends surrounding work and, most importantly, what they mean for the evolution of our society.
With the companies present, we will discover the strategies used to respond to this particular, unprecedented situation.

Upcoming dates for IMT Industry of the Future Lives: