Sara Sebti, Founder of ShareID


Tell us about yourself.

My name is Sara Sebti, I’m 35 years old and a graduate of Paris Dauphine with a degree in Statistics and Finance.

I worked in risk management at CM CIC and Crédit Agricole as well as in the Société Générale CIB front office. In 2018, while I was working in risk management at Société Générale, I applied for the company’s in-house entrepreneurship program Startup Call. I really liked this experience since it pushed me to leave everything behind and start my own business.

I then joined the Entrepreneur First program at Station F, where I met my associate Sawsen Rezig, PhD in Computer Vision from Centrale Lyon, with whom I founded ShareID.


Could you tell us more about your project?

ShareID is a strong authentication solution linked to your official identity. It can reproduce the equivalent of an identity check carried out by the authorities, in real time and without storing users’ personal or biometric data. We issue a digital ID linked to the user’s official identity so companies can verify someone’s identity in real time or share all or some of their personal data.

ShareID builds digital trust between individuals and businesses during the interactions that require an identity check or sharing some or all of one’s personal data.

The digital identity sector is growing at a fast pace, with a CAGR of 70%. This growth is driven by an increase in the number of use cases as well as by regulators and the European Commission, which is pushing for a single European digital identity and market.

ShareID stands out from the competition with its self-sovereign identity (SSI), the total lack of storage of personal and biometric data, and its Zero Trust and Zero Knowledge Proof technology.


You have been supported by the Telecom SudParis and IMT-BS incubator. How has this support been useful in developing your project?

We were supported by IMT Starter in 2021/2022. The support consisted of executive committees lasting four hours every two months. During these committees, leading entrepreneurs questioned us on things such as our strategy, our positioning, and on our go-to-market.

We also received an interest-free loan, which allowed us to speed up hiring in late 2021.


What do you expect from Vivatech?

Vivatech is a chance for us to continue to promote ShareID to potential customers and partners.


Do you have any advice for those who are thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship?

Do it! In the worst case, you will build skills that you could not obtain in other positions in such a short time.