Carla-Sophie Sarantellis, designer and founder of TRIPBIKE, is behind the HYBOO hybrid bicycle project and the Helboo IoT helmet made from recyclable bamboo.


Could you tell us about yourself (name, age, background) ?

Carla-Sophie Sarantellis, I studied in France and Italy and have a baccalaureate in literature and electives in design and languages (three, not including French).

I was born into a family of five boys, all with engineering backgrounds (INSA), and my first experience was as a transistor welder on an IBM computer as big as a house at the age of 6. Then, with one of my other brothers, I learned to repair first bicycles, then mopeds and motorbikes, and finally cars, washing machines and so on.

My higher education studies focused on design and fashion: Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture with apprenticeships in the ateliers of Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Rochas, Scherrer, Guy Laroche, and Thierry Mugler (Groupe Gaston Jaunet, etc.). A perfect garment is all about the basic shapes on which architecture is based, and being a fashion designer means designing like an architect. Only the materials are different.


Could you tell us more about your project (sector, major issues, prospects) ?

The challenge is to transform currently non-recyclable products and items, such as bicycles, into sustainable, recyclable sustainable products. HYBOO and HELBOO are the first two results, and we were awarded three medals for R&D on May 7, 2023.


We are transforming soft mobility into an increasingly green concept, both in terms of the manufacturing process and the materials used. In the medium term, we would like to set up our production and assembly plant in northern France and create and participate in an active and competitive green innovation cluster through our commitments in the region. Right now, we are creating an ecosystem that revolves around soft mobility and smart cities. Our idea is to work with bamboo and integrate it into connected IoT systems using developments in motors, geolocation and signaling systems that we are researching. So yes, learning to live and create a universe around mobility and smart cities using materials whose carbon footprint is the most neutral possible while remaining connected to the constantly evolving world around us.


Are you supported by IMT Nord Europe’s incubator ?  

Jean-Pierre Mimard took over from Bernard Baudouin when the latter retired. His consistency, his approach to start-ups and SMBs and his knowledge of materials opened up a wide range of possibilities for HYBOO’s growth.


How will this support help you to develop your project ?

Jean-Pierre Mimard supported the project on the compound and mechanical aspects from start to finish, and we really needed his technical expertise.

What do you expect from Vivatech?

Visibility, opportunities to meet customers and possibly investors, and access to other projects incubated at IMT with whom we share the same interest in R&D and how to grow our projects, given that successful IMT-governed projects are always welcome.


Do you have any advice for those who want to take the plunge into entrepreneurship ?

One tip: Resilience