Sara Sebti, Founder of ShareID

ShareID is a strong authentication solution linked to your official identity. It can reproduce the equivalent of an identity check carried out by the authorities, in real time and without storing users' personal or biometric data.

Carla-Sophie Sarantellis, designer and founder of TRIPBIKE, is behind the HYBOO hybrid bicycle project and the Helboo IoT helmet made from recyclable bamboo.

The challenge is to transform currently non-recyclable products and items, such as bicycles, into sustainable, recyclable sustainable products. HYBOO and HELBOO are the first two results, and we were awarded three medals for R&D on May 7, 2023.

Stéphanie Berger and Fannie Asselin, founders of Barak, a start-up offering a subscription service for second homes

Barak's new subscription rental model allows users to enjoy a second residence to have regular access to a home, be able to leave things and keep your bearings.

Rita Hadjioui and Hind Benchaaboun, co-founders of Behav, a sustainable leather alternative

BEHAV is a start-up dedicated to eco-design and innovative materials in clothing. We are currently in the R&D phase of an environmentally responsible alternative to leather that is based on cactus and unused waste from the Moroccan aloe vera industry.

Anne-France Fournier, 40, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of clicNwork.

ClicNwork is a fully automated SaaS tool designed to help recruitment managers identify and work with candidates already in their database.

Invoxia: a major innovation for IP telephony

In 2001 IMT registered a patent for a system of recording and reconstituting sounds that enables simultaneous optimization of a network of microphones and a network of speakers, particularly in the context of videoconferences/audioconferences…

Automating the management of professional processes in the era of cloud technology

Nour Assy, a PhD student at Télécom SudParis, has developed a tool that uses past experience to facilitate the configuration of professional processes. Automation of practices is a major problem for companies in terms of information technology…

Space used to control environmental hazards

The Regional image processing and remote detection service (SERTIT) at the University of Strasbourg, connected to Télécom Physique Strasbourg, has a developed a cartography platform for risk analysis that is especially well-adapted to the…

Energy: smart grids for managing quick charging of electric vehicles

The VELCRI project (Véhicule Electrique à Charge Rapide Intégrée) has tested a smart global quick charging infrastructure in order to optimally integrate our future electric cars into the charge and electricity grid. Hossam Afifi, a researcher…

Network security: protecting electronic circuits against physical attacks

Secure-IC is a spin-off of the Télécom Paris and Télécom Bretagne incubators specializing in the security of telecommunications networks. It markets solutions for securing embedded electronic systems. The electronic circuits which encode…