Automating the management of professional processes in the era of cloud technology

Nour Assy, a PhD student at Télécom SudParis, has developed a tool that uses past experience to facilitate the configuration of professional processes. Automation of practices is a major problem for companies in terms of information technology such as, for example, computerization of the processes leading to the granting of a bank loan.

With the arrival of cloud technology this has become a real challenge. Given the large number of standards how can interoperability between the processes of the different providers in the cloud be guaranteed? How can the constraints of certain users, defined for example by the regulations of different countries, be taken into account?

Nour Assy’s work has led to the creation, for the first time, of an environment that supports the modeling of complex processes in cloud technology. These tools have been implemented and validated within software such as Signavio and Activiti, two open source platforms dedicated to the design and execution of professional processes. Unusually, Nour’s work has already started to be industrialized even before the end of his PHD, through a contract signed with Orange. The group is aiming to establish architecture for the management of advanced processes for the supervision of services in the field of telecommunications.