Invoxia: a major innovation for IP telephony

In 2001 IMT registered a patent for a system of recording and reconstituting sounds that enables simultaneous optimization of a network of microphones and a network of speakers, particularly in the context of videoconferences/audioconferences in which the sound emitted by the speakers must not be picked up by the microphones. Thanks to the algorithms developed, the system enables the spatial capture/reconstitution of the sound without unnecessary noise and distinguishes between very similar sounds.

In 2011 IMT was contacted by Invoxia, a French high-tech SME, that had a project to create an audioconference and telephony product, particularly with VoIP. The teams commenced a collaboration that resulted in an exchange of technology (patents) and support for this transfer in order to train a company engineer in the sound processing technology embedded in the patent. At the end of this collaboration, Invoxia was able to produce a terminal of exceptional acoustic quality, that is to fixed telephony what the iPhone is to mobile telephony. The Smart Office Phone thus designed replaces both the classic telephone, the conference phone, the office IP phone, the docking station for iOS devices and the computer’s sound output.

Thanks to this innovation, the French SME won the Innovation award at the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas.