IMT at CES 2016


IMT will be taking part in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from 6 to 9 January, and will be represented by Philippe Jamet, its President.

During this international event the Institute will be highlighting the inclusion of 17 “made in IMT” start-ups in the FrenchTech delegation, a reminder of its commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation through its engineering training and its support for business creation.

Philippe Jamet will then go on to Silicon Valley with Pierre Gattaz, President of the MEDEF, to meet the French technology community in San Francisco.

17 “made in IMT” start-ups at CES 2016

> Mines Albi-Carmaux

An innovative company from the Mines Albi-Carmaux business incubator, Canhegat offers smart tools that allow pet owners to keep their companions in good health.

> Mines Alès

LabOxy, a start-up incubated at Mines Alès, develops management software programs for R&D and the Research Tax Credit. Virdys also comes from the same incubator. Also present at CES in January 2015, Virdys publishes sales support tools using an innovative 3D interactive process.

> Mines Nancy

DRUST, a start-up founded by Michaël Fernandez, a graduate of Mines Nancy, produces AKOLYT, a connected device for driving.

> Mines Nantes

Sensorwake (Co-Directed by Ivan Siybyk, a graduate of Mines Alès, alongside young inventor Guillaume Rolland) was incubated at Mines Nantes and proposes to revolutionize early mornings with alarm clocks that diffuse scents. It has received a CES Innovation Award 2016.

> Mines Saint-Étienne

Nawa Technologies (producer of innovative products and solutions made of nanostructured materials), Selerys (developer of weather radar for managing hail risks) and Fenotek (which proposes innovative wireless video interphones) were all incubated in the Espace Partenarial Recherche et Développement (EPRD – Research and Development Partnership Space) of Mines Saint-Étienne in Gardanne.

> Télécom Lille

Activkonnect (a web agency which is developing the application called Good Morning Planet, among others) is headed by Rémy Sanchez, who graduated in 2012 from Télécom Lille.

> Télécom Paris

Ethertrust (a spin-off in the field of mobile communication security), Sevenhugs (the inventor of a connected solution for monitoring sleep) and Videostitch  (which provides a solution for creating 360° videos) are companies from the incubator at Télécom Paris.

Netatmo (creator of connected indoor cameras, thermostats and weather stations, founded by Fred Potter, and already winner of several CES Innovation Awards 2016), Qarnot Computing (which specializes in radiators that use computer servers, managed by Paul Benoit), Sequans (a technology company that supplies semi-conductors for 4G mobile telephony, led by Georges Karam) are companies directed by graduates of Télécom Paris.


> Télécom SudParis & Télécom École de Management. 

Appstick (a specialist in mobile phone marketing and enriched image recognition), Uraniom (which proposes 3D avatars for video games) and Wezzoo (creator of the Oombrella connected umbrella) are all start-ups incubated on the Télécom SudParis and Télécom École de Management campus. 


In addition, Frédéric Gresset, a student at Télécom Bretagne, will enjoy the privilege of accompanying the French IoT (Internet of Things) team of La Poste Group. Find out more

Entrepreneurship is in IMT’s DNA

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