5 start-ups from the IMT incubator network i-Nov & i-Lab winners of the France 2030 innovation competition

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On Tuesday July 4, 2023, the award ceremony for the winners of the 2022-2023 Innovation Competition was held in the presence of Sylvie Retailleau, Minister for Higher Education and Research, Roland Lescure, Minister for Industry, Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister for Digital Transition and Telecommunications, and with Bruno Bonnell, General Secretary for Investment in charge of France 2030.
The i-Lab section of the competition promotes the results of public research through the creation of innovative technology companies. The i-Nov section supports innovation projects by start-ups and SMEs with particularly strong potential for the French economy, to foster the emergence of leading companies with global reach.

The 5 winning start-ups from the IMT incubator network:

Among the 10 i-Lab 2023 national award winners

Morfo (Telecom SudParis, IMT-BS, Ensiee) for the VEGEPLUS project: Morfo offers a comprehensive solution for large-scale forest ecosystem restoration and forest analysis, enabling native ecosystems to be regenerated while maximizing biodiversity, environmental and social impact, and carbon capture.

Among the i-Lab 2023 national award winners

  • brightclue(IMT Atlantique) for the PROBE project: Leveraging and optimizing the potential of manufacturers’ technical databases through PROBE, a software package based on deep learning algorithms.
  • DeepHawk(IMT Atlantique) for the COGNITIVE AGENTS project: Next-generation artificial intelligence applied to visual quality control for the manufacturing industry
  • Defants(IMT Atlantique) for the DEFANTS project: Redefining digital investigation and incident response to better address cyberattacks

Among the i-Nov 2022 national awards

Luna for the PROJET LUNA-DTX HDSI APPLICATION project: Digital therapy for endometriosis. Luna provides all the technical tools needed to create a digital therapy solution for endometriosis and improve the quality of life of more than 2 million women in France, and over 200 million women worldwide.

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