Technology Days: Big data and industrial optimization

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On 15 November, an IMT Technology Day dedicated to businesses seeking technology transfers will take place on Mines Nancy’s Artem campus. It provides an opportunity for SMEs and researchers to discuss the theme of ‘Big Data for industrial optimization’. It’s also an opportunity for the Institut and its partners to present their most recent innovations. Indoor geo-positioning, computer security and process improvement are just a few examples of the technology displayed at this event.

What is a Technology Day?

Technology Days are events where researchers and businesses (small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups) can get together and exchange ideas. The aim is to enable businesses to gain access to results from academic research more easily and to help start-ups develop innovations and improve competitiveness. It provides companies with a range of regional and national academic technology and start-ups on specific themes.

The events is also an opportunity to share best practices and for discussions between professionals which will benefit your company in terms of knowledge management of networking and innovation.

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Selected technologies and solutions


  • Algofab, cloud-testing platform and algorithm validation for industrial upscaling and algorithm marketplace.
  • Teralab, Big Data computing and experimentation platform open to collaborations between researchers and industrialists in the data processing field related to problems for future industries (machine learning, predictive maintenance and optimization).

■ Radio networks

  • Acklio, fast and simple creation of a private wireless sensor network (monitoring the electrical consumption of remote equipment, alarms, security network, object and staff location and real-time monitoring and control of some processes).

■ Optimization & Predictive

  • ADAPI, data analysis to improve industrial processes.
  • The What is What, a set of solutions to make information from your hardware, third party tools and connected sensors, etc. accessible, to enable the use of smart data.
  • CPC Analytics, predictive analysis solutions (based on data already available in the company) to confront complex equipment availability issues and high scrap rates which have a strong impact on overall operating performance.
  • MixtComp, statistical and predictive analysis software based on mixing models which can process highly-heterogeneous multivariate data designed for classification and prediction problems.
  • EZTRACE, performance analysis software for HPC applications.
  • Dynamo brings together all the different players (tools and humans) around a more accessible QSE to reduce the maintenance costs of the reference system (SRE). It adapts to each operator and unites all data sources.
  • 3S, connected instrumentation for remote measures on passive sensors.

■ Data visualization

  • Vize, software which enables businesses to visually respond to questions about their data quickly. Vize frees up IT resources, accelerates the decision-making process, and improves organization competitiveness.
  • Littlethumbs, is an indoor GPS which can locate and guide everybody moving in an indoor environment (e.g. a factory) intuitively, immediately and at all times.

■ Modelling & Processes

  • Simulation of pyrometallurgy processes, development of mathematical models for numerical simulation of pyrometallurgy processes with a view to their optimization.
  • Digital materials is a powerful engineering tool used to recognize and predict the structures of materials and the resulting properties.

■ Security and Safety

  • Simorfo, breakthrough technology that analyses binary codes by morphological analysis and finds similarities between different software to detect malwares.
  • WATOO, protects databases and fights against leaks, misappropriation and falsification of sensitive data through tattooing.
  • Electronic security key by a comparator with an extraordinary Hall effect compared to a conventional electronic comparator (comparison of an ID code against a database, for example).
  • iCrisis, a web app enabling original, optimized management of crisis simulations which then extracts a statistical analysis.

■ Collaborative tools

  • Waza Edu is a networking platform and aids business-university collaboration projects to accelerate their innovations and develop R&D.