Next IMT’s Technology Days will deal with the Industry of Future

Bourses aux technologies

IMTs Technology Days: 19 mature technologies that companies in the industry of the future can directly transfer, presented on March 22 in Bercy.

IMT, twice awarded with Carnot accreditation for the quality of its research partnerships, is organizing a new event for businesses to support innovation. Its next Technology Days will be held on March 22 at the Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs in Paris. Businesses (particularly SMEs and Midcaps) will be able to see a national selection of technologies ready for transfer from the laboratories of the IMT schools and their partners. A unique opportunity to see the best of French research.



9 a.m. – Reception for participants

9:35 a.m. – A word of welcome from the Directorate General for Enterprises and IMT

9:45 a.m. – Smart Manufacturing: assessment of and opportunities for the competitiveness of French businesses. With the participation of Dassault Systèmes, Lectra and the Industry of the Future Alliance

10:40 a.m. – Presentation of the 19 technologies and their potential applications. By researchers from Mines ParisTech, Mines Alès, Mines Albi-Carmaux, Télécom Bretagne, Télécom Paris, Télécom Bretagne, the CEA, the INRIA, etc.

12:15 p.m. – Ceremony for the “Technology offering the Best Opportunities for Economic Development” award from the Industry of the Future Alliance

From 12:30 p.m. – On-site Cocktail & Networking with exhibits and technology demonstrations

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The events partners:


Selected technologies :

Big Data

  • DAMEX, predictive maintenance and machine learning technology that helps detect anomalies with a very low rate of false alarms – Télécom Paris
  • Teralab, Big Data computing platform open to collaborations between researchers and industry in the data processing field and related to problems for the industry of the future – IMT

​■ Security and Safety

  • CyberCPU, protection against cyber-attacks via secure processor – Télécom Paris

​■ Sensors

  • GNSS Everywhere, GPS/GNSS positioning continuity in all environments with current systems – Télécom SudParis
  • Littlethumbs is an indoor GPS that locates and guides anyone moving around in an indoor pedestrian environment (e.g. a factory) in an intuitive, immediate, and permanent way – Télécom SudParis
  • Autonomous communicating sensor system, temperature and acceleration sensors with heat and vibration energy recovery and wireless communications – CEA Leti

​■ Distributed data aggregation

  • LoRa Fabian, quick and easy creation of private, wireless sensor networks (remote tracking of equipment electricity consumption, alarms, security network, locating objects or staff, monitor and control certain processes in real-time) – Télécom Bretagne

​■ Virtual Reality

  • 3D animation of avatars for simulation and real-time immersive applications – Télécom SudParis
  • Rest3 using ICTs (signal and image processing, modeling, 3D visualization, human-machine interaction) to make maintaining and repairing industrial equipment easier – Télécom SudParis

​■ Virtualization

  • Virtual Reality for Humans – Robot collaboration design, designing factory workstations by immersing designers and users in a virtual environment – Mines ParisTech

​■ Robotics

  • Gesture/action recognition for cobotics, an unobtrusive system for recognizing a human operator’s assembly actions as part of a human-robot collaborative station – Mines ParisTech
  • Modeling and controlling deformable robots, technology based on modeling finite elements calculated in real-time, allowing modeling and control of deformable robots’ movement – INRIA
  • Technologies for robotizing sanding, improved performance (surveillance and resistance) of robotic sanding – Nantes University – CNRS – SATT Ouest-Valorisation 
  • Middleware layer for automatically reconfiguring robotic cells including SOA modeling of robotic cells, operating safety, automatic network configuration and real-time monitoring – CEA

​■ Production

  • Optimizing fusion laser-type additive manufacturing, technologies to allow for improved performance (precision, management, design) of direct fusion laser-type additive manufacturing – Ecole Centrale Nantes – SATT Ouest Valorisation
  • Pilot of Dynamic Elaboration of Organic Composites, manufacturing composite structural parts by thermodynamic compression outside of autoclaves – Mines Albi-Carmaux
  • Pilot of lamp-assisted forming for dual composite and metal applications, forming of materials heated by infrared lamp heating and shaped by pressurized gas – Mines Albi-Carmaux
  • Mechatronic platform, open to innovative engineering projects in mechatronic systems thanks to an interdisciplinary and collaborative design of innovative, multi-field systems – Mines Alès

​■ Procedures

  • Systems Engineering is a proven, standardized, and changing methodology for collaborative, multidisciplinary and innovative design and integration of complex systems for smart manufacturing – Mines Alès


The Technology Days concept: monitoring technology, building R&D projects, sharing and improving competitiveness!

IMT Technology Days is an event for SMEs and researchers to meet and discuss. The event’s goal is to give SMEs easier access to the results of academic research and develop the innovations of tomorrow. Its specificity is bringing technology from all of the Institut’s schools and partners, in a given region and domain.

These meetings are part of our program to promote public research organizations’ technology offers implemented by the CVSTENE Thematic Valorization Consortium (Investments of the Future) dedicated to digital technologies and sciences.

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