Learn all about digital manufacturing with IMT’s 3-MOOC course program

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MOOC Fabrication numerique

With this course program, everyone can master the steps of manufacturing connected objects just like they are produced in FabLabs! After the success of the first two sessions of the Digital ManufacturingMOOC in 2014 and 2015 on the FUN platform (more than 15,000 registered users), IMT now offers a complete training course in FabLab technologies. It is the first course program on this topic created by the Institut, a pioneer of MOOCs in France.

 FabLabs are fascinating places where you can make just about anything thanks to cheap technology and collaborative learning. This course program gives you an overview of FabLab technologies and methodology. No particular theoretical knowledge is required; this course is intended for anyone of all ages who is curious and passionate about digital technologies. We start with the basics of Arduino development through to object modeling. We also invite learners to order a learning kit so they can complete their own project throughout the program,” explains Baptiste Gautier of Télécom Bretagne, who is behind this MOOC open to the general public.

Digital manufacturing program: from idea to prototype

MOOC 1: Program an object with Arduino

Learn how to program an object with electronics and Arduino development

Course opens on March 31

Length 4 weeks – Registration

MOOC 2: Building a connected object

What happens when objects connect to the internet? Discover the mechanisms and protocols for connecting an object to the internet or connecting objects among themselves.

Course opens on May 12

Length 4 weeks – Registration

MOOC 3: Designing and Modeling in a FabLab

Model an object on your computer and produce it in the real world in a FabLab

Course opens on October 13

Length 5 weeks

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