IMT is offering SMEs and midcaps the opportunity to discover a national selection of 20 technologies and platforms to overcome the technological challenges of their projects in the connected devices and Big Data sector

Bourses aux technologies

The forthcoming Bourse aux Technologies by IMT, Carnot approved for the quality of its research in partnership, will take place on April 7th at Télécom Bretagne (Rennes) on the theme of connected devices and Big Data.

This new edition of the Bourse aux technologies will bring together various public and national research stakeholders from the digital sector. It will be a unique opportunity for SMEs and midcaps to access the best of French research.

Program for the day on April 7th

■  2PM – Welcome to participants

■ 2:15PM – Welcoming address by Télécom Bretagne

■ 2:30PM – Round-table discussion “How to make your innovation projects in the connected devices and Big Data sector become a reality?”
With talks from:
– Norbert Friant, Planning Services and digital uses manager, Rennes Métropole
– Charles-Edouard Delpierre, Senior Business Development, Cofely Ineo
– Mathias Herberts, Technical Manager, Cityzen Data
– Yannick Delibie, Technical Manager, Kerlink
– Ulrich Rousseau, president & founder, Wi6Labs
Led by Marianne Laurent, innovation project manager at Télécom Bretagne and Démosthène Kalogérakis, business developer at the Innovation Center of IMT.

■ 3:25PM – Overview of financial support tools for technology transfer and collaborative R&D projects
By Emmanuel Dénoue, Bpifrance

■ 3:35PM – Pitch of 20 technologies and their potential applications
By researchers at Télécom Bretagne, Télécom Paris, Télécom Physique Strasbourg, Télécom Lille, Mines Douai, Mines Alès, CEA, INSA/CNRS, the Universities of Aix-Marseille, Angers, Nantes and Rennes.
■ 4:25PM – Prize for the “Technology with the greatest potential for economic development” awarded by Gaëlle Andro, vice-president of Rennes Métropole

■ From 4:30PM – Exhibition of technologies and business meetings with researchers

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Selected technologies and platforms

■ Sensors and network of connecting sensors
•     Zyggie Motion Capture, network of connecting radio nodes allowing a person’s movements to be captured and viewed on a tablet – IRISA / University of Rennes 1
•    I-Surf, make any surface made of any material tactile at a very low cost – CEA
•    Synergie, in situ measurement platform to evaluate and optimize the energy performance of nodes in a network of sensors – Télécom Lille

■ Autonomous robot
•    Mobile robot mobile, able to map out an indoor area and move around it autonomously – Mines Douai

■ Middleware & embedded software
•    OM2M, software layer allowing M2M services to be developed in compliance with ETSI standards – INSA/CNRS
•    ‘Blind’ real-time critical hypervisor for embedded execution platform with a very high level of confidence – CEA
•    LINC, middleware for coordination of physically distributed entities – CEA

■ Architecture of communication protocols
•    Lora Fabian, architecture and protocols for connecting devices in long-range, low speed and low consumption radio and in free frequency bands – Télécom Bretagne
•    YoGoKo, opportunist and safe communication solutions dedicated to cooperative transport – Télécom Bretagne

■ Cybersecurity & digital trust
•    SECAAS, advanced solutions to make personal data anonymous – Télécom Bretagne
•    Frag & Tag, protection of company data against data leakages and theft – Télécom Bretagne

■ Massive data processing & display
•    Alligator, Meta-classification of a large quantity of data into two groups – Télécom Paris
•    LG2IP, semantic sensor to search, index and display data and multimedia graphs – Mines Alès
•    IDEA, extract trend reversals from multi-dimensional databases – University of Aix-Marseille
•    CODE, “noisy” data classification algorithms for data processing, statistics and classification – University of Angers
•    PILGRIM, Predictive analysis software platform allowing complex systems to be processed – University of Nantes
•    PORTALIS, Organization of data by logical “concept” for intuitive browsing by suggestion – University of Rennes 1
•    Homomorphic cryptocalculation, implementation technology for offset computing applications without having to decrypt them – CEA

■ Experimenting platform
•    Teralab, Big Data platform services open to collaborations between researchers and manufacturers – IMT
•    Equipex FIT, open platform for large-scale development and validation of applications for connected devices – Télécom Physique Strasbourg


The concept of Bourses aux Technologies

IMT’s Bourses aux Technologies is a series of meetings and exchanges between researchers and SMEs. The aim of this event is to allow SMEs to access academic research results more easily and thus to develop the innovations of the future. Its originality lies in bringing new technologies from all the Institute’s schools and partners to a given region or sector.

These meetings are now a part of the promotion program in terms of public research organizations’ technologies, implemented by the Thematic Enhancement Consortium (Investments of the Future) and dedicated to digital sciences and technologies.


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