SMEs in the Paris region discover 15 transferrable e-health technologies to boost their competitiveness

Bourses aux technologies

IMT, which has twice earned Carnot accreditation for the quality of its research in partnership, is organizing its next “Bourse aux Technologies” on 5 March at Télécom SudParis (Evry), with digital healthcare technologies as the theme.

The Bourses aux Technologies by IMT is an event that brings researchers and SMEs together for meetings and discussions. The goal is to afford SMEs easier access to the results of academic research, thereby helping to develop the innovations of the future. It is original in that it offers technologies developed by all the institute’s graduate schools and partners, in a given region and specialty field.

Program for March 5th:

■ 9.30 am – Arrival of participants

■ 9.35 am – Welcome speech by Christophe Digne, Dean of Télécom SudParis

■ 9.40 am – Roundtable: Introducing innovation into the world of healthcare
Facilitated by Denis Abraham, business developer at Institut Mines-Télécom. Attended by leading players such as Philips Santé, Mondial Assistance, Enovacom, and the inter-ministerial healthcare representative of the Ministry for the Economy and Industry.

■ 10.30 am – Presentation of financing schemes available to firms for technology transfer and collaborative R&D projects

■ 10.50 am – Presentation of technologies and their potential applications
by researchers from Télécom SudParis, Télécom Paris, Evry-Val d’Essonne University, Télécom Physique Strasbourg, Strasbourg University, Mines Douai, Télécom Bretagne…

■ 12.15 pm – Prize-giving ceremony for the “Technology offering the best economic development opportunities” by the Essonne Council.

■ From 12.30 pm – Lunch and networking with technology exhibitions and demos. Business meetings may be requested.

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Technologies selected for the event

■ Modeling and simulation
• C. Fetita – Télécom SudParis – Quantitative investigation of airways – 3D reconstruction.
• N. Abdiche – Evry Val d’Essonne University – ISThMe, the IT platform for the illustration of medical prescription strategies.

■ Medical data
• D. Oblin – Teralab, Big Data calculation platform available for collaborations between researchers and industrialists in the fields of medical research and insurance.

■ Instrumentation
• G. Abib – Télécom SudParis – Contactless radio module for monitoring respiration.
• Y. Gottesman – Télécom SudParis – Reader of biophotonic sensors delivering highly diversified data.
• V. Vigneron – Noninvasive system of multisensor acquisition and analysis for human fetus ECF.

■ Medical imaging
• J. Zallat – Télécom Physique Strasbourg – MICROPOL 3D, a 3D polarimetric-tomographic imaging module adaptable to standard microscopes.
• S. Dahdouh – Télécom Paris – Summary of medical imaging activities (normal and pathological structure recognition, longitudinal tracking, diagnostic assistance, surgical and therapeutic planning…)
• J-M Moureaux – Télécom Nancy – PROMETEE Living lab, user perception for multimedia uses in medical applications

■ Personal assistance
• J.-L. Baldinger – Télécom SudParis – Outpatient social alarm system with monitoring of vital signs.
• P. Tanguy – Télécom Bretagne – xAAL home automation protocol, a home automation interoperability solution.
• A. Fleury – Mines Douai – iBalance, a serious game for smartphones – integrated system for posture evaluation and re-education.
• J. Boudy – Télécom SudParis – Vocal Personal Assistant – dialogue system adapted to the voice and the difficulties of a dependent patient
• M. El Yacoubi – Télécom SudParis – Movement recognition specific to the disabled, for robotics


The Bourses aux Technologies concept

SMEs have little connection with the academic world, yet need innovative technologies in order to grow. And the academic world produces a continuous stream of innovative technologies that can be transferred to industry in order to generate new applications on the market. To bring these two worlds together, IMT, a key player in research and innovation, developed its Bourse aux Technologies concept back in 2007, in tandem with its regional partners. It is original in that it offers technologies developed by all the institute’s graduate schools and partners, in a given region and specialty field.
This event is now an official part of the framework program to promote the offerings of public research institutions implemented by CVSTENE (Theme-based Promotion Consortium), a Future Investment body dedicated to digital sciences and technologies.

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