A new MOOC for learning how to create an augmented reality application


IMT will be releasing “Getting started with augmented reality” on Coursera. This free MOOC will focus on the basics of developing mobile applications which incorporate augmented reality technology. The course will start on September 19.

> Want to learn how to create a new experience with augmented reality? This applied online course will teach you how to augment a book or card, or design a geolocation-based quiz. It gives learners the opportunity to experiment and create several augmented reality applications.

> This introductory MOOC is aimed at professionals in web content production and anyone wishing to create innovative interactive experiences between the virtual and real worlds, including web journalists, mobile app developers, students at technical, creation or design schools… or even teachers. Without any prior experience in computer programming, the learner will easily master the prototyping tools for augmented reality applications.

>Objective of the MOOC: teach the basics for developing mobile applications incorporating augmented reality technology.

A MOOC dedicated to multimedia content producers

> For creative entrepreneurs, this MOOC is a perfect introduction to understanding the technology and market tendencies emerging from augmented reality.

> Journalists and multimedia content creators will be able to discover how to augment paper-based media with music, images or videos, and learn how to create an augmented city map or geolocation-based games.

> Mobile app developers will learn how to construct augmented reality features which can be easily integrated into their apps.

Teaching aims

  • Identify the principle augmented reality technologies available on the market today
  • Create apps using augmented reality
  • Implement a system for image recognition and object “tracking”
  • Use geolocation-based functions applied to augmented reality
  • Discover the ISO-ARAF standard, an innovative programming language dedicated to augmented reality

This MOOC has been designed by, and will be led by, a teaching team from Télécom SudParis, including lecturers Marius Preda  and Veronica Scurtu, and Research Engineer Traian Lavric.

This MOOC is supported by the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation.

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