Second Edition of the Mines-Télécom Mix Industry Challenge

The second edition of the Mines-Télécom challenge was held from July 1-3 2016 at the Brest campus of Télécom Bretagne. This year, the hackathon brought together approximately fifty students from the ten of the Institute’s schools for a weekend of creativity and development.

A focus on companies of the future

After a first edition in July 2015 at Mines Alès, this year Télécom Bretagne hosted the hackathon with a focus on “Industry of the Future”, promoting an experience of collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship.

Over the course of 48 hours (from Friday evening to Sunday noon), developers, start-up owners, marketers, makers, students and industrialists gathered to imagine and develop concrete applications and new services to facilitate the digital transition and the acceleration of our industry, such as the following examples:

  • the connection and control of everyday objects,
  • the digitalization and dematerialization of the most common procedures,
  • data and identity protection,
  • the development of new forms of mobility

Over the course of the weekend, students had the opportunity to talk with different groups and professions, like teams from the Airbus Group, Delta Dore, Nokia, Euratechnologie and many other partners, in order to help them develop their projects.
Design work in FabLabs, workshops (user-oriented design, economic models, agile presentation), coaching sessions, presentations by industrialists, and pitch sessions were all organized to supervise and support students in the development of their projects.

Three teams received awards

Three prizes were awarded during this second edition of the Mines-Télécom Industry Mix Challenge :

ecomindedThe Mines-Télécom Prize was awarded by Francis Jutand to the Ecominded team: Simon Breumier (Mines Saint Etienne), Simon Le Bouché (Mines Nantes), Lilia Zemni (Mines Albi-Carmaux), Armel Takoulo (Mines Alès) and Perrine Balizet (Télécom Ecole de Management).

clozzThe Public Choice Prize was awarded to Team Clozz: Alexandre Manoury (Télécom Ecole de Management), Axel Baudot (Télécom Bretagne), Pierre Thos (Télécom SudParis), Yohann Chasseray (Mines Albi-Carmaux), Guillaume Aubin (Télécom Ecole de Management) and Nandane Djanarthany (Mines Alès).

greenmindersFinally, the Airbus Group Prize was awarded to the Green Minded team: Alice Comble (Télécom Lille), Geoffrey Conca (Télécom Bretagne), Stéphane Orieux (Télécom Bretagne), Florent Votte (Télécom Paris), Maelle de Marignan and Simon Besga (Télécom SudParis) – for its connected cigarette butt collector !

Stay tuned for the third edition of the Mines-Télécom Industry Mix Challenge in 2017, and in the meantime find all the photos from the event on the IMT social wall.