IMT and Technion sign a framework agreement for international cooperation in the area of training and research

Signature IMT et Technion

On Monday 15th December 2014, Professor Peretz Lavie, President of Technion (Israel), and Philippe Jamet, Director General of IMT (France) signed an agreement to formalize their ambition to collaborate in training and research in fields such as Big Data and sustainable and smart cities. The agreement was finalized during the closing dinner of the 12th Annual Technion France Event, on the theme of Big Data.

The aim of the agreement is to develop, among other things, student exchanges, a dual qualification project and scientific projects between the French and Israeli institutions.

The teams from both institutions have already identified some short-term projects:

  • Student exchanges between Technion and IMT schools. Exchanges should be possible from the start of the 2015-2016 academic year, or even earlier.
  • A dual qualification project with IMT schools.
  • Exchange of experiences on the digital transformation of training and MOOCs.
  • Research collaboration in the two key fields in which the Technion and IMT schools are both interested: Big Data and sustainable and smart cities. This collaboration may take the form of joint symposiums, shared research projects within European programs, research professor exchanges and co-tutoring of theses.

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