GAIA-X takes a major step towards a sovereign European digital infrastructure

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GAIX_data federation

The teacher-researchers at Institut Mines-Télécom will share their expertise in AI, Big Data and cyber security.

The GAIA-X initiative is another step towards a reliable and sovereign digital infrastructure for Europe. Its twenty-two founding members signed the constitutive documents in Brussels for AISBL – an international not-for-profit organization. Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) joined the project at its inception and is continuing its contribution to the strategic issues of data management, enhancement, exchange and protection. The organization’s structure will allow for fundraising and the management of actions related to the implementation of a European data governance system.

“GAIA-X’s objective is to introduce transparency and interoperability of Cloud services in Europe. This sovereign European approach to data is essential at a time when more and more critical applications and data are held by the GAFAM and when the BATX are revealing their expansion strategies.” said Anne-Sophie Taillandier, director of Teralab, IMT platform. .