Gagnants METHA Europe

The Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) graduate schools are organizing a major entrepreneurial competition in partnership with EVER Monaco, METHA Europe – Energy Management in Transport and Housing- in order to highlight the most innovative projects; this year, the organizers have chosen sustainable cities as their theme. Competitors in the METHA Europe competition can showcase their innovation at several stages of development through three categories. The 2020 edition demonstrated a wide range of initiatives, including the creation of services, software and equipment, addressing issues ranging from mobility to agriculture and energy.


Student Category

The special “Students” category demonstrated the creativity of the candidates who presented their project as part of the student entrepreneur program. Green Pousse at IMT Lille Douai won the prize in this category with a playful and interconnected vermicomposting system that reduces waste irrespective of whether or not you have a garden.

Ante Creation Category

The “Ante-creation” category is intended to reward an innovative idea or concept. Vve (Towards an Ecomobile City) developed an online self-diagnosis tool for regions that want to make the transition to ecomobility by harmoniously combining mobility and organization.

Development Category

The “Development” category is open to companies that are less than 3 years old and part of the fields involved in the competition as well as companies that meet the European definition of a SME-SMI and that are proposing an innovative project in development.

The winner of the category, Agrove (Mines Saint-Etienne) facilitates urban agriculture with its technological vertical planters (apps, sensors, AI and adjustable kits).