The European University Alliance EULiST is officially launched: now, it can turn its ambitions into reality!


With the signing of the Grant Agreement, the EULiST European University Alliance is now up and running. To mark the occasion, representatives of the 10 partner universities met at Leibniz Universität Hannover on November 2 and 3.

On July 3, EULiST was granted the European University Alliance label and declared as funded by the European Commission. The Grant Agreement, signed by the European Commission and EULiST’s members, marks the release of funds. In many ways, this agreement consolidates and symbolizes the launch of EULiST’s activities.

EULiST aims to address today’s social issues by linking them with new technologies. The environmental and digital transitions are two of the EULiST project’s key priorities.

The initiatives that are developing and being implemented as part of the EULiST Alliance can take a variety of forms. They can involve educational programs, apprenticeships, cooperation in the field of research, innovation, start-ups, the link between research and innovation and economic development in local communities, communication, and so on.

With its ten member institutions from all over Europe, EULiST stands for a committed, ambitious and innovative approach to higher education, research and society in general.

Institut Mines-Telecom is delighted to be able to continue the work started with its partners to find solutions to its challenges and to participate in the ongoing evolution of higher education and research for the benefit of society as a whole.