MOOC on Statistics for Engineers

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MOOC Statistique pour l’ingénieur

MOOC on Statistics for Engineers: an introduction to useful statistical reasoning and methods for engineers

8 IMT graduate schools have combined their expertise in order to launch this new MOOC, beginning on February 23 2016 and hosted on the FUN platform. Several thousand learners from 82 countries are already registered!

Statistics in all sectors of human activity

Statistical methods are widely used in many sectors of human activity (science and technology, economics, human and social sciences) and are part of the basic knowledge needed by engineers. The countless applications that exist in the industrial sector include quality control, reliability, analysis of measurement results, forecasting and planning.

The objective of this MOOC is to serve as an introduction to standard statistical reasoning and methods. The skills that will be developed be related to the methods and tools of inferential statistics that are useful to engineers.

The MOOC is intended for students from engineering schools or universities who have completed the second year of a Bachelors degree, as well as students who are receiving training as engineers through work-study programs and, more generally, for those who are following a training or refresher course (employees or job seekers).

6 weeks of training led by teachers from 8 IMT graduate schools

The training, which lasts 6 weeks and focuses on 4 topics, offers different types of content and tasks including videos (approximately 3 to 4 10-minute videos per week), course materials and exercises such as a serious game. Each topic will include applications from the industrial field or the business world. A quiz at the end of each week will validate what has been learned.

The inclusion of a serious game designed by the teachers of Mines Douai and their educational engineering cluster will allow students of this MOOC to assess their acquired skills in a fun way.

The MOOC was created and will be led by an educational team from 8 graduate schools: Mines Douai, Mines Nancy, Mines Albi-Carmaux, Mines Alès, Mines Nantes, Mines Saint-Etienne, Télécom Bretagne and Télécom Lille.

Over 5,000 learners from 82 different countries have already signed up to participate in the first edition of the Statistics for Engineers MOOC.

Registration is open until March 11, 2016. The course will end on April 12.


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