Mines Saint-Etienne celebrates its 200th anniversary

Mines Saint-Etienne, established in 1816, is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year. To mark the occasion, special events will take place throughout the year.

The bicentennial celebrations began on Saturday, February 6, at the Zénith in Saint-Étienne. Over 2,500 guests were present at this major event hosted by Louis Gallois, Chair of the PSA supervisory board:

  • Opening of the Bicentennial ceremony;
  • Graduation ceremony, awarding the Mines degree in Civil Engineering to 2012 ICM class (129 graduates) hosted by renowned mountaineer, Patrick Gabarrou;
  • Graduation ceremony awarding the doctorate degree to nearly 50 PhD students, hosted by Hakima El Haite, Minister of the Environment of Morocco.

The day ended with the traditional gala evening organized by the students.

Yet the festivities do not stop there as many events have been planned throughout the year to celebrate the bicentenary: scientific events, special edition stamps and publications, film screenings…

See the full calendar of bicentennial events