Institut Mines-Télécom rewards educational innovation

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Prix de la pédagogie IMT

IMT organized its first-ever IMT Teaching Award for “commitment, teaching, education”

Developing new teaching methods is an important focus for Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT). At IMT, a community of research professors and educational professionals  develops and tries out new student-centered approaches. In presenting this first IMT Teaching Award for “commitment, teaching, education” on July 6, IMT is recognizing their contributions and commitment. As the number one group of engineering and management schools in France, IMT must prepare professionals fully for the major ecological, digital and industrial transformations facing society. The challenge in education today is no longer only to acquire knowledge, but to develop skills in a cross-cutting multidisciplinary approach. With these goals in mind, research professors are also shifting their role and placing emphasis on the learning experience.

Research professors at Institut Mines-Télécom are strongly committed to these educational transformations. IMT wished to recognize their commitment through this award, which rewards initiatives and brings recognition to the winning teams among the higher education community.