Gaia-X French Hub: sixth plenary session

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At its sixth plenary session, the Gaia-X French Hub announced the start of an ecosystem consolidation phase, marking a new stage in its development. Institut Mines-Télécom, the new leader of Hub France, will play a central role in this phase, in close collaboration with Cigref, which is committed to implementing the key strategic growth strategies for this European initiative. Along with Teralab, its data and AI platform, Institut Mines-Télécom is also launching the Data Space Lab to help structure the various data ecosystems by creating a space for secure experimentation for companies of all sizes.

The Ministry has communicated the French Hub’s key missions :

  • Promote the French Hub and lead its activities
  • Coordinate the French Hub together with the Gaia-X authorities and other national hubs
  • Support the contribution of French industry to the deployment of European and French data strategy

Launch of the user-driven Data Space Lab

In keeping with this approach, Institut Mines-Télécom has launched the Data Space Lab and TeraLab, its data and AI platform, as a major step forward and a first for structuring the different ecosystems whose levels of technological maturity vary from one entity to the next. This space will provide a secure and neutral environment for experimenting with various data space projects, fostering innovation and collaboration according to Gaia-X standards. Users will be able to test different configurations of Gaia-X architectures and managed services regardless of their business model and the economic and regulatory context. The Data Space Lab will also provide training opportunities in addition to its sandbox.

Demonstration of sectoral data spaces

During the plenary session, several sectoral data spaces presented demonstrations of their initiatives, illustrating the diversity and potential of Gaia-X in key areas (agriculture, automotive, construction, energy, etc.)

 “I would like to acknowledge Cigref’s efforts in accomplishing the significant work of educating and mobilizing users. The French Hub has supported the implementation of numerous data space projects, including three out of the ten Gaia-X lighthouse projects. Institut Mines-Télécom is now taking over to start the consolidation phase and accelerate the growth of Gaia-X by committing to work closely with companies and end users in particular, with ongoing connections with industrial sectors and Cigref.”

Odile Gauthier, Executive President of Institut Mines-Télécom.

International Women’s Day

The plenary session of Gaia-X Hub France was an opportunity to honor women in the fields of industry, digital, and research.