Discover the industrial sector with Institut Mines-Télécom’s “Dare to Choose a Profession for the Industry of the Future” MOOC

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The “Dare to Choose a Profession for the Industry of the Future” MOOC is intended for the general public without any prerequisites and in particular, middle school and high school students who are thinking about their higher education plans and their parents who help them with these choices. This fun, straightforward MOOC is offered free of charge and is part of a collection of MOOCS available on the FUN (France Université Numérique) platform called ProjetSUP, which aims to provide students with information and help them determine their higher education goals.

The “Dare to Choose a Profession for the Industry of the Future” MOOC aims to introduce students to industry, and in particular, to the industry of the future, with its various facets and employment opportunities. The course presents reliable content originally produced for the Dare to Enter the Industry of the Future project. The MOOC has put this content to new use, making it available to learners who can greatly benefit from the useful information and practical takeaways. The course provides students with a comprehensive introduction to the industrial sector and one of its aims is to break negative stereotypes relating to difficult working conditions, unappealing professions and environmental unfriendliness. Industry was doing well in France before the health crisis, with, for example, factory openings outnumbering closings. And given the limitations of offshoring that have now become apparent, industry is poised to play a strategic role in the future.

A wide range of industry professions are open to everyone – women, men, those from all educational backgrounds, young people and people of all ages – with one thing in common: they are concrete professions, and with training, they offer great opportunities for development toward professions of the future, including particularly high-demand but difficult-to-fill positions. Examples of such fields include maintenance, big data, supply chain and production.

The MOOC is also intended for all educational teams. It is part of the MOOCFOLIO collection, designed to help fulfill the considerable hours requirement for educational and career planning (54 hours for French high school students). It may be a helpful tool for teachers during the lockdown and as schools gradually reopen, in order for students to take a more active role in thinking about their future.

It opened on 6 April and has been a great success, with 2,500 learners registered so far.

“Dare to Choose a Profession for the Industry of the Future” is available here